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Scholars in third grade language arts strengthen their foundational and critical reading and writing skills to proficiently read grade-appropriate complex literature and informational text. Instruction focuses on asking and answering explicit and inferential questions, using text evidence, summarizing and engaging in collaborative conversation. Scholars analyze texts for literary elements, author’s purpose and structure. Scholars continue to practice the writing process by writing narrative (grade-level focus mode), informative and opinion pieces incorporating grade-level grammar concepts. Scholars expand their personal and academic vocabulary they can use in their writing and speaking and scholars develop stamina for longer periods of reading and writing.  (“English Language Arts.” Oklahoma State Department of Education, 2020,



In third grade social studies, scholars begin a focused study of the state of Oklahoma. The history standards introduce scholars to select Oklahomans who have been important in the development of our state and create an appreciation for the many peoples who have inhabited our lands. In the geography strand, scholars explore the physical and political features of the state including the location and potential of its natural resources. In civics, scholars examine the role and relationships of local, state and tribal governments. In economics, scholars explore how Oklahomans have used their natural resources to create a prosperous and growing economy.  (“Social Studies.” Oklahoma State Department of Education, 2020,


1.  Make sure to complete your work.
2.  Turn in your assignments.
3.  "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"
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Welcome to Ms. Kearns 3rd Grade Classroom

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