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Course Description

English III provides the fundamental skills needed to prepare scholars for success in English IV. Scholars continue working toward the mastery of the Schaffer Method to effectively draft, narrate, argue, inform and explain thoughts and ideas through the written process. Using a collection of American texts, scholars comprehend, evaluate and analyze works of literature to make connections to the historical context of the work and to society as it is today. In addition to understanding and comparing American works of literature like The Crucible, The Great Gatsby and a compilation of non-fiction, scholars use a number of literary devices to evaluate points of view and perspectives of the most prominent authors and poets in American history. While expanding their academic vocabulary, scholars continue to develop effective listening and speaking skills through a variety of individual and group presentations, multimedia presentations and classroom discussions. Scholars independently complete a research project using multiple types of resources. Throughout the research process, scholars master how to recognize credible sources and cite sources using proper formatting skills.  

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