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CTE Pathway & Researched Based

The eSports Academics Classroom will create an interactive method of engaging students in ELA and project based learning while creating a fun environment, centered around the development of professional gaming. The eSports Academics classroom will focus on introducing core concepts and knowledge surrounding the growth and development of the eSports Industry. The classroom will build the foundations by explaining the origins and collegiate pathways for students, while later connecting them to relevant career pathway based units.

eSports Course Description

eSports+  Course Description

CASEL & Competitive Teams

The eSports Competitive Classroom is a “tryouts based” competition class that will focus on the development of competitive Esports athletes, and will follow a mix of a growth from specific gaming titles with lessons based on SEL. Weekly progression will be based on difficulty scaling, and their leagues competitive schedule. SW practice in their respective sport to better market themselves in esports, for both an organization and in a collegiate setting. SW be required to write reflective journal entries on their personal growth, constructive criticism towards their team, and portfolio journaling of their match statistics. Classes will be made up of a practice-only Junior Varsity Middle School class, and a competing Varsity High School class.

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