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I was born and raised in New Mexico while being an alumnus of Clovis High School and later on received my graduate degree from Eastern New Mexico University. I was heavily involved with music and eSports during my time at the university. As an undergraduate I was heavily involved in developing my alma mater's eSports club, including recruiting for teams, organizing events, and representing the club in collegiate networking.

I have coached for approximately two years with a specialized focus on 6th - 12th grade for approximately one year now through OATH eSports. I have a passion for mentoring and coaching young people, and I believe eSports opens the door to a larger demographic. 

Hello Everyone!


This year will be very competitive, as we will be focusing on how to function as teammates within an eSports organization, and growing competitively. 

By the end of the year, you will be able to work efficiently with new types of people who have a wide range of experiences and understand how to be a leader within this community. 



I have a fiance I met in a musical I was in during college.

I was the club president for ENMU Esports during 2022 - 2023.  I used to compete in competitive Esports with my college team, and  an outside team!

I have traveled overseas to Spain.

I was a sousaphone player in high school and four time state champion.

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