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6th Grade Science serves as a hands-on introduction to the scientific method and fosters active involvement through beginning laboratory experiments and demonstrations. Sixth Grade Science scholars participate in “Modules,” which are composed of hands-on, scholar-centered, project-based activities. These modules provide multiple opportunities for scholars to observe, analyze and carry out the process of the scientific method.  In the scientific investigation process, scholars develop an understanding of the value of and how to best use technology to gather data, analyze the results of investigations, and effectively use evidence in the application of knowledge from investigations in real-life situations. PITSCO labs serve as a means of innovative, self-paced inquiry and interactive discovery, focusing primarily on earth science.  Topics for lab experiences included:  weather and climate, Earth’s geological history, cell organelles and their functions, Earth’s systems, energy and learning the process of experimental design. Each lab is structured so scholars have the opportunity to learn various concepts within a class period.


The Math Enrichment program supports, reinforces and accelerates scholars' learning.  Scholars will complete assessments to prescribe individualized pathways of learning tailored to their needs.  Classwork and assignments will include the use of skill level enhancing programs to reinforce learned skills and includes extensive practice using the state standards programs such as Exact Path (or equivalent). Overall, the Math Enrichment class assists each scholar in the mastery of skills they are lacking. By rebuilding these skills, each scholar gains the confidence needed to succeed academically.

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