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What is Orff Schulwerk?
It's what your child is doing in music class!  
Watch this video to find out more....

Hello Everyone

I am so excited to guide your child in the explorations of music. In ASTEC music classes, we sing, move, play, chant, and create. As an active participant, your child will use his imagination every day to 
venture into a variety of music activities. We hope to share their music-making with you throughout the school year.  

I can play recorder, guitar, ukulele and pipe organ.

I love to perform  world 

music, classical, jazz and for music theatre productions,

especially for my students.


Music has always been the passion of my life. I grew up singing at my neighbor's house and started piano lessons in the 4th grade. My husband is a professor of music at SWOSU, and we have raised our two boys with music as part of our family life. When I'm not playing the piano, I'm riding a bike, hiking, or going to a theatre production or concert.  

What is my favorite 


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