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Explore Class

My Classes:

  1. Seventh and Eighth Grade Explore

  2. Middle School Art

  3. Middle School Boys Soccer

  4. Middle School Girls Soccer

Explore is a seventh and eighth grade course which covers four nine week units:  Character Education, World Cultures, Fine Arts and Careers and the Workplace.

Scholars improve interpersonal relationships through understanding and practice of manners and etiquette. Scholars discuss and develop the concept of character and integrity as well as analyze famous quotes in our learning skills, applying them to our studies.

Explore Class covers the comparisons of customs, traditions, holidays, decorations, clothing, festivities, food, housing, family structures and education of various cultures in the world, past and present.

Scholars develop a basic understanding of career preparation, including writing resumes, business proposals, professional behavior, workplace etiquette and future goals.


Scholars produce classroom projects that focus on the elements of art and design: line, color, shape, form, texture, value and space.

Middle School Art


Middle School Art introduces scholars to basic art processes. Scholars will understand the creative process through visual problem solving, brainstorming, editing, re-working and reflection. Art is designed to provide scholars with the foundations of artistic expression. Historical and contemporary artists and styles will be incorporated into many projects to provide cultural understanding and context. Assignments are hands-on project-based learning that focuses on the elements of art and principles of design. Middle School Art scholars create artwork using a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques and mediums, including but not limited to drawing and colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and paint. Through in-class writing and critiques, scholars analyze their artwork and the artwork of peers and major artists. Scholars develop a personal portfolio that includes in-class and independent projects. 

Welcome to Dr. Urbina's Middle School Art Classroom

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