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Course Description


Seventh Grade Science continues to build the scholar's knowledge of various general science concepts in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Scholars have the opportunity to explore topics within each of these general sciences utilizing PITSCO labs. This is an innovative method of scientific, self-paced, and interactive discovery. In physical science, scholars explore concepts surrounding matter, atoms, and how they bond together. Scholars will explore different types of energy and heat, natural and synthetic resources, and their impact on society.  Scholars will also explore the cycling of energy and matter. In life science, scholars will learn about ecosystems and the factors that affect them. In Earth Science, scholars explore weather, climate, and global warming patterns. 

PowerSchool Grade Calculations

Bellwork & Daily Assignment       30%
Quizzes, Test, Labs, & Projects   50%
Semester Final                            20%

Class Times

Please refer to the appropriate class for more information.


Virtual class

Tuesday - Friday

Encore - 8:30 - 8:40

1st - 8:44 - 9:34

2nd - 9:38 - 10:28

3rd - 10:32 - 11:22

4th - 11:56 - 12:50

6th - 1:48 - 2:38

7th - 2:42- 3:35


1.  Be on time everyday.
2.  Please be sure to follow all classroom procedures.

3.  Please take the time to take notes.
4.  Please turn in your assignments.
5.  Remember to have fun, be kind, and do the best that you can do.

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