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HS/MS Physical Education

2023 - 2024 Syllabus 



Teacher: Ms. Jackie Norton    


Plan Period:  M 12:55 -1:30 ; T-F  2:45-3:35 

Phone:  405-947-6272 

Textbook: N/A


Course Description:

Physical Education provides scholars with opportunities to describe individual and team sports and demonstrate a firm understanding of healthy choices through physical fitness. Scholars analyze the effects of healthy choices on physical well being, participate in physical activities regardless of their athletic level, practice good sportsmanship while developing an enjoyment of physical activity and increase their understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness.    


Course Objectives:  

  1. The scholars will describe individual and team sports and will demonstrate a firm understanding of healthy choices  through physical fitness.

  2. Through class instruction and assessment scholars will analyze the effects of healthy choices for physical well being.

  3. The scholars will practice good sportsmanship.

  4. All scholars will expand their knowledge of the rules of different sports and hone their skills.

  5. Scholars will have an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness. 


Required Materials: 

  • Athletic Shoes 

  • ASTEC Approved Physical Education Clothing

  • Water Bottle

Attendance Policy and Classroom Expectations: 

  • Show up, be on time and participate.

  • Ten or more excused and unexcused absences will result in a No Credit (NC) for this class.

  • Three tardies will equal one absence.

  • All scholars are expected to be respectful to all individuals in the classroom at all times.

  • There is to be absolutely no gum, food or drinks in the classroom. 

  • Scholars are to come to class prepared with all materials including the textbook, binder paper, pens, and assignments. 

  • Any scholar absent from class has the same number of days as they are absent plus 1 day to turn in missed assignments. It is the scholar’s responsibility to find out missed assignments (check the website or ask the teacher as soon as possible). Failure to turn in missed work will result in a zero. Any assignment or project that was due on the day of absence must be turned in the next school day in attendance.

  • Scholars have one week to meet with their teachers to set a date to make up a test.  scholars have until the quarter ends to take a test missed due to absence. Any test not made up will receive a grade of zero.

  • All assignments must be completed by the day they are due. 

  • Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism and cheating will not be allowed in this classroom! Zeros will be given for plagiarism and cheating, parents will be called, and further disciplinary actions may be taken. Plagiarism and cheating includes copying another scholar’s work.

Academic Meaning of a Grade:

The reporting of grades to parents and students will be given in two parts. A traditional “A-F” grade will be given to reflect the percentage assigned to the academic work attempted by the scholar. It DOES NOT reflect the mastery of the content by the scholar. In addition, scholars will be given a Mastery Based Learning grade. The last grade of the year will express how well the scholar has mastered the state required content.


For example, a scholar may be given an “A” for the traditional grade but a “2” on the Mastery Based Grading system and would be reported as “A/2.”  Ideally, these grades will match up as “A/4.”


  • Grades should accurately reflect individual scholar achievement in relation to course evidence outcomes related to Oklahoma Academic Standards / National Standards for the subject taught. 

  • A “3” on a task/assessment is considered proficient or meeting grade-level standards while a “4” is considered advanced or meeting grade-level standards with a high level of excellence.  

  • Extra credit is not applicable but extension or alternative assignments/assessments may be offered to show proficiency or advanced proficiency.  

  • Scholars are given timely feedback and reteach/relearn/reassessment opportunities are provided to promote proficiency of the standards.

Grading Scale: 

A     90-100%

B     80-89%

C     70-79%

D     60-69%

F      Less than 60%

Weighted Grades:

40%   Test

30%   Quizzes

15%   Classwork/Group Work

10%   Monday Work

 5%    Participation

4     Advanced Proficiency, Above grade-level - high levels of excellence

3     Proficiency, Meets grade-level standards  / mastered standard

2     Partial Proficiency, Meets grade-level standards but not consistently

1     Developing Proficiency, Inadequate progress but task/assessment completed

0     Not “Yet” Proficient, Missing or incomplete

Explanation of Mastery Based Grading Scale




Proficiency Levels


Exceeding the grade level standard. Producing quality work consistently.

This grade will be reported when a scholar demonstrates performance beyond expectations on a consistent basis

Advanced Knowledge of concepts taught and tested. Scholar demonstrates exceptional work and study habits.


Meeting the grade level standard. Producing quality work.

This grade means a scholar consistently and independently demonstrates mastery of subject material.  A 3 should be considered an excellent grade, one that a scholar should be working towards, as developmentally appropriate.

Proficient work. Scholar is performing well and understands the concepts taught and tested. The scholar practices good work and study habits.


Progressing towards the standard.  Producing the required grade level work with teacher direction and assistance.

As indicated in the marking code, a 2 indicates a scholar can meet expectations with teacher assistance and support, but often does not demonstrate consistent mastery in a set subject area or grade level standard.  The scholar may need to continue developing a specific skill set, and progress is being encouraged.

Limited Knowledge of the lesson content. Scholar needs greater effort and strategies and improvement. Does not perform well and does not understand concepts taught and tested. Work and study habits need improvement.


Beginning to develop the standard.  Not yet able to produce required grade level work.

A 1 will be reported if there is growing concern for a child’s performance in a given subject, skill, or grade level standard.

Unsatisfactory work. Scholars have almost no understanding of concepts taught or tested.  Very poor work and scholar habits. Intervention necessary.


Mastery Based Grading: This system of grading scholars is based on their demonstrated level of mastery of concepts (“Essential Skills and Knowledge” or "ESKs"), rather than just calculating a percentage average based on the total number of “points” they earn in a semester. It measures demonstrated scholar learning, not speed of learning. 


Mastery Based Grading gives scholars and parents specific feedback about what skills they have and have not learned. It is information that can be used to direct learning and growth. The teacher does not just average a scholar's mastery scores, but instead assesses the student’s level of mastery based on the evidence collected. 


Essential Skills and Knowledge (“ESK’s”): ESKs are the central skills a scholar will be expected to master in a class. In this class, we will have approximately 9 ESK’s each semester that will be tracked through formative and summative assessments.


Formative Versus Summative Scores: "Teachers record and track formative scores from individual assessments as indicators of students’ knowledge or skill at particular moments in time. In comparison, summative scores are final scores based on the pattern of students’ responses over time. Teachers may base each score on a number of common assessment forms, such as obtrusive, unobtrusive, and student-generated assessments. However, formative scores are used for tracking progress, while summative scores express students’ mastery of a topic, generally at the end of a unit."    -Robert Marzano


Intervention/Remediation: When students struggle on an assessment with one or more standards, they will be assigned intervention during the school day and may be required to attend Saturday morning intervention as well.  When students have completed intervention, they are given a reassessment to show their level of understanding of the standard.  The grade on the reassessment will replace the original grade.  


Scholar Progress:


  • Progress reports for scholars are prepared three times each year, midway of each 9-weeks grading period except for the first quarter. Parents MUST come onsite to pick up and sign for the progress report on the day they are issued. Parents/guardians of scholars who are making a grade of “0” or “1” must meet with teachers at that time. If a parent/guardian does not attend this important meeting, their scholar will not be allowed back in class until the progress report is picked up and the meeting attended. The meeting will be scheduled during the work schedule of the teacher.


  • School dismisses at 3:35 pm. Students not making adequate progress may be required to attend Saturday school and may be assigned to ACE (remediation class)  instead of an elective.

Welcome to Ms. Norton's Physical Education Classroom

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