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American Government


American Government is taught in conjunction with Personal Finance as a year-long course. The course offers an overview of the American political system. Scholars examine the constitutional foundation of our government system and its development over time. Scholars  analyze the increasingly important role of campaigns and elections in contemporary American politics and how civic society and non-governmental entities, such as political parties, interest groups and the media influence the policy-making process. Scholars study how the institutions of the federal government---the Congress, the presidency, and the courts---operate, both in theory and in practice and how these three branches interact with one another.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a year-long course connected to American Government. The purpose of Personal Finance is to learn the ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills that enable scholars to implement personal financial decision-making skills. Scholars study how to become successful and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers and participating members of a workforce and society. Some of the specific topics include: earning an income, state and federal taxes, banking and financial services, balancing a checkbook, saving and investing, retirement planning, rights and responsibilities of buying or renting a home and insurance and charitable giving.

Course Syllabus

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