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Course Description

7th Grade Math scholars represent and compare real numbers, solve problems with rational numbers, represent and solve linear equations and inequalities, use linear functions to explain real-world and mathematical situations, and use proportional reasoning to solve problems. Scholars will determine the surface area and volume of cylinders and prisms, calculate the area of circles and composite figures, calculate experimental probability, and describe data using measures of central tendency, scatter plots, circle graphs, and histograms.

Art Class

Math 7 - This year we will learn...

  • How to compare rational numbers and perform operations with integers and fractions

  • How to follow the order of operations and use exponents

  • How to solve equations and inequalities

  • How to use proportional reasoning to solve problems

  • How to represent proportional and non-proportional relationships using equations, tables, and graphs

  • How to calculate the circumference and area of circles

  • How to determine the area of a trapezoid and composite figures

  • How to determine the volume and surface area of a rectangular prism

  • How to describe sets of data using measures of central tendency

  • How to use proportional reasoning to solve problems with circle graphs

  • How to interpret data from a histogram


1.  Be seated when the bell rings, wait for your folder, then start your Bell Work.

2.  Remember to bring a pencil and paper to class everyday. No pens for math!

3.  Keep up with your class notes in your binder, under the math tab. Borrow someone's notes to copy if you are absent.

4.  You must show all of your work for classroom assignments.

5.  Regularly check google classroom and PowersSchool to see if you are missing any assignments.

6.  PLEASE ask questions if you do not understand something, I am here to help!

7.  Stay positive and have a great school year!

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