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Hello Everyone!


Welcome to Language Arts and Social Studies! In Language Arts, scholars will focus on reading, writing, and communication skills. Grammar and semantics will be an integral part of lessons. Scholars will develop their writing skills that encompass poetry, expository writing, and creative writing.

Social Studies will focus on an in-depth study of the geography of the United States. Scholars will also develop an understanding of the physical regions of our nation and the natural resources which have been used to develop a growing economy.


I will provide step-by-step instructions to build scholars' confidence in reading, writing, and social studies, in order to promote a successful 4th-grade year.  


It's going to be a great year. Let's get started!

Vintage Map Transparency


Classroom Expectations:


Always do your best.


Respect each other.


Take care of your supplies.


Inside voices please.


Stay on task.


Never be afraid to ask questions.

Welcome to Ms. Battle's 4th Grade Classroom

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