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Biology Course Description:


Biology consists of the study of basic principles governing all living things. Subject matter incorporates relevant sciences such as chemistry and environmental science to understand the processes necessary for life. The cell’s role in transforming energy is investigated along with the structure and function of DNA. Scholars explore ecosystem level processes through real world problems such as invasive species. Scholars enrolled in Biology utilize an evidence-based approach to investigate and explain scientific phenomena as it relates to life. 


Honors Biology Course Description:


Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation upon completion of a physical science or life science course. 


Honors Biology prepares scholars for an introductory college course in Biology.  The components of Biology I exist inside the class, with an added higher level reading requirement.  Scholars investigate biological phenomena and design models to explain the fundamental concepts observed. College bound scholars are strongly encouraged to enroll in Honors Biology.

Grading Overview

40% - Tests/Projects
30% - Quizzes
15% - Daily Work
10% - Monday Work
5% - Participation

ASTEC Mission Statement

The mission of the Advanced Science and Technology Education Center (ASTEC), Inc. is to be the leader in empowering and inspiring learners to their highest potential.


Welcome to Ms. Deal's Biology Classroom

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