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ASTEC Food Pantry

Did you know that ASTEC has a free food pantry available every Monday and Friday? It is provided by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and is available upon request for any scholar or parent/guardian, on an as-needed, one-time or all-school-year basis. 


Scholars may take home a backpack filled with food on Friday for the weekend and parents or guardians may request to pick up food from the middle school on Monday for the week. 


Please fill out this form if you need assistance.


Contact Ms. Selina Jolly, the middle school counselor, via email if you have questions or need more information. ​



Don't Ever Be Afraid to Ask for Help 

Please submit the first and last name of your scholar and a phone number where we can reach you.

Thanks for submitting!

Welcome to the Middle School Counselor's Office

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