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Oklahoma City Community Foundation

One of the best scholarship opportunities for students who live in the Oklahoma City area is the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. They manage over 200 scholarships each year funded by donors.  Set up an account with them and answer a few questions and it will match you with scholarships that are unique to you.

Some of their scholarships include:

  • New Opportunities Scholars

If you are a Junior and you will be the first generation to attend college (your parents, stepparents, or grandparents did not attend college), this is a great opportunity for you. There is a series of activities you will need to perform beginning in the summer before your Senior year continuing through the first semester of your Senior year.  These will help you with the college application and selection process.  For more information, go to

Deadline for applying is 3/1/2023

  • Community Foundation Scholars


The Community Foundation Scholars applicants must be graduating seniors of a high school that participates in the “Central Oklahoma Guidance Counselor Network.”

Selection is based on applicant’s commitment to education and community (demonstrated extracurricular activities and community service). The Community Foundation Scholar award is a one-year award of $2,000 and can be used at any academically accredited public or independent/private, nonprofit educational institution in the United States including vocational/technical centers. Funds may be used for tuition, fees and book expenses; payments are made directly to the school.


  • Graduating senior of a high school that participates in the Central Oklahoma Guidance Counselor Network.

  • Student has unweighted GPA between 3.25 and 3.79.

  • Student’s application and letter of reference must demonstrate and describe the applicant’s commitment to education and commitments to community (extra-curricular activities and community service).

  • Submit a photo on the General Application.


Deadline for applying is 12/6/2022. 

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