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English 7 


Teacher:  Kasey McCombs


Plan Period: 6th

Phone: 405-947-6272 


Course Description: 7th Grade English focuses the scholar's attention on reading comprehension, writing skills, expanded vocabulary and the creative writing processes.  Scholars will write a number of short essays following fiction and some nonfiction readings. Assigned writings will be structurally based on the Schaffer Method. Scholars conduct research, prepare outlines, prepare rough drafts and submit final drafts of work. Such writings will allow scholars to give attention to detail on spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary choice, and creativity. Overall, scholars will develop more complex vocabulary, along with the ability to write clear and concise works, while comprehending the written word.


The 7th Grade Team:

ELA/ Ms. McCombs
ART/ Ms. Urbina
SCIENCE/ Ms. Hensley 
CO-TEACHER/ Ms. Torres
MATH/ Ms. Blow


Welcome to Ms. McCombs's English Classroom

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