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Elementary Art Course Description

Visual art is a significant expression of human culture. Art carries ideas from generation to generation, enhances cultural understanding, provides visual records of the past, and gives form to contemporary ideas and events. Through visual art, we develop skills for perceiving, analyzing, appreciating, and responding to the visual environment.


The standards guide scholars through art skills in sequential order as they relate to the cognitive, psychomotor and affective aspects of art. A total curriculum is balanced between the artistic processes: creative process, production, cultural and historical perspectives, and aesthetic response and critique methodologies. 

The creative process in art begins with learning the language of art and developing visual literacy to identify and/or communicate artistic concepts and techniques. Scholars learn art vocabulary, practice and refine techniques, make creative choices and practice individual expression in creating art. 

Art production demonstrates the learned techniques and expression of ideas. Scholars utilize a variety of ideas and different media, supplies, and tools in an appropriate and safe manner to create original artworks. They demonstrate an appropriate skill level and revise and refine artworks to create finished works of art. 

Visual art scholars learn about art in relation to history and culture. They connect artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical contexts to deepen understanding.

This reflective process includes art critique and assessment, preparation of the scholar’s artwork portfolio, and the exploration and study of visual art careers and pathways.

(“Fine Arts”, Oklahoma State Department of Education, 2020./

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