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I teach chemistry and physical science. If you are taking chemistry it possibly will be the last science class you take at ASTEC high school because it is an upper level science course. Physical science is a foundational course in high school and will prepare you for other courses you take during high school.

Chemistry and physics are important subjects to master for many reasons. Having a basic understanding of chemistry and physics, means having a basic understanding of the world around you. Almost every "why?" or "how?" question you can think of can be answered by chemistry or physics!

These courses will help prepare you for college (especially those who are seeking a STEM career) and for life in general. You may not choose "scientist" as your career, but learning how to reason, solve problems, and think like a scientist will help you tremendously in life! A scientist is a critical thinker.



1.  Don't forget to bring a pen or pencil and paper to class every day.
2.  Be prepared and positive!

Welcome to Ms. Bruce's Chemistry Classroom

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